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The ongoing partnership between LINCS, LIAAC, BiasHELP, A Division of LINCS , and other non-profit agencies has resulted in expanded services for the health and welfare needs of many Long Islanders that started over two decades ago with the onset of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Now, 20 years later, our combined partnership offers services that include HIV testing/counseling, youth-related smoking cessation programs, substance abuse treatment, risk reduction for drug and alcohol-related behaviors, food pantries, home delivered meals, identification and treatment referrals for sexually transmitted diseases and Hep-C, diversity training, school-based educational programs on bullying and cyber-bullying and not-for-profit capacity building leadership and training.

The aforementioned partnerships are working towards new initiatives that include capacity training programs for other non-profit agencies, multi non-profit Federal application initiatives, including capacity building programs with other Long Island and NYC organizations.