Programs: North Fork Alliance

LINCS is spearheading a Drug-Free Communities Coalition in the North Fork area of Long Island. This SAMHSA-supported program has enabled us to bring together private and public sector organizations, local parents and students to pinpoint unmet needs and emergent trends related to substance abuse among youth. The youth of the North Folk continue to have significant unmet needs as evidenced by the first-person accounts of high school students who have participated in our monthly meetings. The use of marijuana and alcohol remains prevalent among the North Folk's youth, and the misuse of prescription drugs and cold remedies is a profound concern that requires our community's immediate attention. LINCS is pleased to count BiasHELP, A Division of LINCS, LIAAC, EOC of Suffolk and Seafield among its key partners in this initiative, along with several other active and involved coalition members.

This coalition-based project will serve as a catalyst for increased citizen participation and greater collaboration among all critical sectors of the North Fork area, including not just medical, mental health, substance abuse, and social service organizations, but also many other sectors, including—very importantly—young people themselves and parents. Collaboration will occur through frequent, in-person, information-sharing, energized by the field-based work of members.

The leadership of this project will enhance community efforts to promote and deliver effective substance use prevention strategies, partly by: (A) pinpointing gaps/barriers to prevention services and identifying coordination lapses, and (B) sharing/linking—in a united, focused forum—successful practices that work within other, neighboring towns. We will strive to enable successful community-level prevention interventions that can be replicated in the North Fork area of Long Island.

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