Anti-Bullying Logo Contest

The Long Island Network of Community Services, Inc. (LINCS) and BiasHELP, Inc. are launching an anti-bullying awareness and fundraising initiative, the Anti-bullying Logo Contest. This contest is open to all Nassau and Suffolk County youth ages 11-18 who are interested in using their creativity to help make a difference in the Long Island community.

Bullying is defined as an individual hurting or scaring someone physically, emotionally, or psychologically, on purpose and repeatedly. Bullying can take the form of pushing, punching, spreading rumors, excluding an individual from a group, or cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when an individual bullies another individual using electronic methods such as texting, instant messaging, or using a social network such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Recent research shows that the effects of bullying can cause depression, anxiety and low self-esteem among those who are bullied and are bullies.

BiasHELP’s mission statement includes combating bullying, cyberbullying and internet violence. Through this initiative, we are seeking a logo to illustrate our anti-bullying message. This logo will be used on our website, literature and promotional materials, and will be seen throughout Long Island. All logo’s are to be submitted with the registration form and $10.00 registration fee by October 29, 2010 to LINCS: 60 Adams Avenue, Suite 101 Hauppauge, NY 11788.