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Incorporated in 1997, BiasHELP, A Division of LINCS, has steadily and assertively taken a lead role in combating discrimination, hate crimes, youth violence, bullying, cyber bullying and technology bullying on Long Island and beyond. Our name incorporates our comprehensive approach to social justice with an emphasis on the following: enhancing the physical and mental health of vulnerable populations; conducting education to reduce bias and enhance understanding; spearheading leadership initiatives to create new partnerships, mobilize communities and promote visibility; and leading policy efforts to bring about the systemic change necessary to protect potential victims and their families.

BiasHELP, A Division of LINCS, is dedicated to preventing and addressing discrimination, harassment, violence and bullying. If you or someone you know has been the victim of discrimination, bullying, technobullying/cyberbullying or a hate crime, call our hotline toll-free for immediate assistance at 1-877-END-BIASĀ (363-2427). We’ll help you understand your rights, explore your options and come up with a game plan that works for you.

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  • About BiasHELP

    BiasHELP is a program dedicated to prevention of bias crimes, hate-related harassment...

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  • Community

    Strengthening communities means strengthening families, schools and non-profit...

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  • Leadership

    The need to unite communities and organize resources against violence and...

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  • Advocacy

    BiasHELP recognizes and understands the far-ranging impact of discrimination...

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  • Education

    Our team of skilled educators conducts specially-tailored trainings in schools...

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  • FAQs

    We answer some frequently asked questions regarding bias, bullying, discriminations...

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